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Capital Smart City Islamabad Framework

Capital Smart City Islamabad Framework

Here is the Capital Smart City Islamabad Framework, Capital Smart City Islamabad aims to become a first-ever smart city in Pakistan and a model for sustainable development. Concept of smart city revolves around a comprehensive urban management model which promotes efficiency and control on the one hand and inclusion and participation on the other. It leverages and harnesses modern technology to enable cities to function more reliably with sustainability for all residents. Capital Smart City Islamabad Framework will help to understand the modern vision of DHA Capital Smart City Islamabad in Pakistan.

Capital Smart City Islamabad World Class Infrastructure

To Provide state of art transport infrastructure with high efficiency to support the smart city and regional growth. To achieve a sustainable transportation system. To ensure that well-connected networks are established for road users, pedestrians, cyclists and other future mobility needs.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Convenient & Quality Living

• To design for resilient social infrastructure.

• To set an example for mixed-use and residential developments.

• To become an exemplary model for community planning in the region.

• To create convenient access to the full range of facilities.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Identity & Heritage

  • To Become a Destination For both international and local residents.
  • To become a new religious center with a unique identity and architecture.
  • To become a postcard city with iconic features and sceneries.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Efficient Resource Management

  • To be the most eco-friendly development in the region.
  • To promote integrated solid waste management and responsible usage of the resources.
  • To provide adequate and reliable water supply.
  • To ensure availability and reliability of power supply.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Clean & Green

  • To conserve natural resources and ensure the zero-net loss of natural areas.
  • To become an attractive city of natural vistas and sceneries.
  • To become a convenient and walkable city.

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