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Capital Smart City Islamabad – Pakistan,s First Ever Smart City Project

Capital Smart City Islamabad – Pakistan,s First Ever Smart City Project

Capital Smart City Islamabad

with an aim to meet the growing housing needs of the twin cities,FUTURE DEVELOPMENT HOLDINGS has launched the first-ever capital smart city project in Pakistan. Situated on M-2 Motorway near new Islamabad international Airport and falling on the eastern route of CPEC, the concept of smart city revolves around a comprehensive urban management model which promotes efficiency and control on one hand and inclusion and participation on the other. By harnessing modern technologies ,the project will safe, reliable and sustainable living environment for its residents.with the futuristic outlook, Capital Smart City Islamabad (csci) is set to establish itself as a regional center for economic,commercial,social and leisure activities.

Diversity of Jobs

  • To become the first commercial center in the region;neighboring the new international airport.
  • to attract international business and investors.
  • to create a variety of job opportunities in commercial and service sectors.
  • about 90,000 IT jobs alone will be available.

World Class Infrastructure

  • to provide efficient and sustainable transportation facilities,modern infrastructure to increase productivity and regional growth.
  • to ensure that well-connected networks are established for road users, pedestrians, cyclists and future mobility needs.

Efficient Resource Management

  • to be the most Eco-friendly development project in the region.
  • to promote integrated solid waste management and responsible usage of the resources.
  • to provide adequate and reliable water supply.
  • to ensure availability and reliability of power supply on 24/7- 365 basis.

Clean & Green

  • to conserve natural resources and ensure minimal loss of natural areas.
  • to become a picturesque city, full of nature vistas and sceneries.
  • to provide an Eco-friendly environment that is convenient for long walks and hikes.

Protection of cultural heritage

  • to become a culturally rich city with a vibrant multicultural environment.
  • to integrate and cultural diversity in the architecture of capital smart city Islamabad
  • to become a center for community with different social & cultural needs.

Convenient & Quality Living 

  • to design a resilient social infrastructure.
  • to set a model of human centered contemporary urban design.
  • to introduce the concept of communal based sustainable urban development in Pakistan.
  • to provide the residents of Capital smart city Pakistan with modern technology driven swift access to a wide range of urban facilities.

A Smart Destination to Live,work,Learn & Play

With the aim to develop strategic growth areas and attract future investments, the concept of Capital Smart City Islamabad captures the redial growth patters with a large centrally located business district and well-distributed seb-centers and neighborhood centers. A township model is proposed for Capital Smart City Islamabad, guiding the master plan to facilitate diverse and affordable choices to nature vibrant communities.

High to low density housing ranges from 5-Marla to 20-Kanal of residential plots with convenient public facilities are distributed across various neighborhoods. This includes gold course community,overseas community,mixed – use waterfront apartments, hills vista, crystal lake , panda district, financial square, aviation district , theme parks, sports & healthcare districts, education district, mosques and integrated BRT Transport system.

Smart Solution for a Smart Life

At Capital smart city Islamabad, we are following and adapting new trends of modern living and moving towards a smart and efficient lifestyle. its unique architecture fulfills the needs of modern development while aesthetically integrating technology-based , eco-friendly systems in every aspect of life.

The project will incorporate information and communication technologies to enhance the performance of urban services such as energy , transportation and utilities in order to cut cost and resources.models of smart city projects of Singapore, Dubai , Amsterdam,Barcelona,china and new York have been considered while designing Capital smart city Islamabad project.

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