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Development update of Capital Smart City Villas

Development update of Capital Smart City Villas

Smart Villas

Smart Villas

The Smart Villas is a state-of – the-art living system modern, optimized and. For your luxury lifestyle, an imaginative, completely functioning and modern abode. Crafted in three distinct architectural styles varying from modern to Mediterranean and Georgian combinations, now you have the opportunity to select and choose your heart’s lifestyle that you always desired.

Capital Smart City has teamed with Trivelles International, leading property creation and construction in the UK, to introduce Pakistan’s first ever Smart Villas under the name of “Trivelles Lake Boulevard” in its housing scheme. Modern architecture in these villas should display the latest sophisticated, luxurious and innovative features to provide its residents with a living environment ahead of their time

placement of Smart Villas:

The smart villas strategically situated in the Overseas Block of Capital Smart City Islamabad, between the Crystal Lake and the 18-hole golf course. Such Villas will be blessed in terms of amenities and place with the finest views of the city and will have an advantage on the remaining areas of the community.

Unique Services & Features:

Such smart villas are categorized by design in three modern, luxury and unique types, each providing its occupants sophisticated apps and advanced technologies.

Classic homes have enticing features such as custom floors, curtains, appliances, doors, a fitted kitchen and many more if you choose.

You should go for a premium villa if you choose to build your villa customized to your own preference, since Premium invites you to decorate your home according to your requirements.

If you want an exceptional luxurious lifestyle then an exclusive villa is another thing to look for. In a true sense, these villas are clever, your home is linked to your mobile phone and you can even watch road traffic and park a car

some of the smart features of the villas

  • smart switches
  • Automated opening mechanism
  • Monitor Temperature and Moisture
  • Gas sensor
  • Remote access through cell phones
  • Smart motion sensors
  • CCTV outdoor & indoor cameras

Types of Villas:

There are main sizes offered in Smart villas 5 Marla,7 marla,10 Marla,12 marla,1 kanal,2 kanal each size offers 3  category villas in terms of accommodation and interior.

5 Marla contemporary smart villas

5 marla mediterian smart villas

5 marla georgion smart villas

5 marla 3 bed and 4 bed villas

7 Marla contemporary smart villas

7 marla mediterian smart villas

7 marla georgion smart villas

7 marla smart villas offer 4 bed

10 Marla contemporary smart villas

10 marla mediterian smart villas

10 marla georgion smart villas

10 marla 4 bed and 5 bed

12 Marla contemporary smart villas

12 marla mediterian smart villas

12 marla georgion smart villas

12 marla 4 bed 5 bed and 6 bed smart villas

1 kanal contemporary smart villas

1 kanal mediterian smart villas

1 kanal georgion smart villas

1 kanal 4 bed 5 bed smart villas

2 kanal contemporary smart villas

2 kanal mediterian smart villas

2 kanal georgion smart villas

4,5,6 bed 2 kanal smart villas

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