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Real Estate Investment Plans for Mid 2020
July 24, 2020

Real Estate Investment Plans for Mid 2020

Real Estate Investment Plans for Mid 2020

The global economy has particularly hit by the current virus pandemic, Covid-19. Unpredictably, this pandemic has turned out to be a blessing for Pakistan’s real estate industry. The real estate and building construction industry has been in the public interest after the government showed these industries as its most important focus to stimulate the economy.

In the present situation, it has become essential to identify suitable projects for productive investment. The government is also allowing investing undeclared money in the real estate or building construction sector throughout the recently announced construction relief package.

The terms and conditions to gain these prospects are as follows:

  • For investments in a high rise in installments. If invested undeclared money, you have to invest before the 31st of Dec 2020.
  • Each investor permitted to complete the grey structure by Sep 2022.
  • The registration at the FBR IRIS web portal is compulsory for all those interested to invest under this real estate investment scheme.
  • The construction work must start before 31st December and the owner bound to complete it fully before Sep 2022, if undeclared money was used to buy the plot in tenure.
  • If you are searching to invest in plots on installments, you have to make an investment before 31st Dec 2020.
  • Furthermore, the construction of road infrastructure and half construction work should have completed before Sep 2022.
  • All transactions have done through banking channels, using Pay orders or Cheques.
  • Under this real estate investment scheme, you can also start your own project or obtain an existing project on the partnership, etc.

Just being able to invest undeclared money is not enough; you have to be well-organized enough to comprehend where to invest to make a profit out of it.

Let’s take advantage of real estate investment scheme

Capital Smart City Islamabad highly recommends you all to take advantage of investing in this scheme. You will not only excused from taxes but you will, in the end, make a profit against your investment. It’s a concession without any doubt.

The real estate prices in the country have been falling for the last few years. This industry already mature for investment purposes. We believe this is the right time to invest in real estate. As experts are predicting an overall increase in prices of real estate between 2020 and 2025.

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