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Theme Park:

A Fascinating “Capital smart city islamabad Theme Park ” is goimg to be one of the greatest appeals of the Capital Smart City Islamabad.It has been envisioned to be a fun place that would accommodates the kids,teenagers and adults alike.with splashing water,amusement museum and exciting rides,this theme park will prove itself to be an impressive recreational activity hub.

The Grand Jamia Masjid:

we are completely cognizant of the importance of a masjid in any vicinity where people seek divinne empowerment through prayers ,Hence, the construction of a Grand jamia Masjid is on the top of our  priority list where our worthly residents would perform their religious obligations with the utmost spiritual zeal and zest.DHA Capital smart city islamabad Grand Jamia MAsjid will be equipped with all the facilities required to provide a serene and  sanctified place for focused prauers and also to cope with the weather conditions.

BRT System & FDH Buildings:

Away from the Hustle and bustle of typical public transport,Capital Smart City Islamabad will be offering one of its kind transportation facilities,The interchange and public transport stations with separate Bus Lines with the operation and maintenance facilities alingside will prove it to be a new example of ideal transportation.

Health care City:

Any living vicinity is practically useless if it does not offer the basic services of health and education.Capital smart city islamabad will be containing world-class hospitals with useful clinics and labortories for making sure that all the basic and minute amenities are available for the residents.

Education City:

on the other side ,all the leading and top-notch educational institutes and universities will be swarming in capital smart city islamabad to ensure the provision of high-class education. capital smart city islamabad will even be providing the day care services for very  young kids.Capital smart city islamabad is sure to realize your dreams.

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