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Kingdom Valley Islamabad


A potential initiative in support of the Naya Pakistan housing scheme launched by the Prime minister of Pakistan has been supplemented by a leading residential project known as kingdom valley Islamabad. This residential project is a wholesome platform for investors that desire to enjoy a lavish lifestyle under a low-cost budget.

Kingdome valley Islamabad is a pioneer project allocated away from the populated vicinity of the city. Their significance is vital because of the approachable distance from the terminal of Lahore Islamabad Motorway and the peaceful environment. The central location of the mesmerizing project lies close to Islamabad international airport. The revolutionary approach hidden in the infrastructure of Kingdome valley Islamabad has served as the special ingredient in uplifting its ranks in the real estate market.

The joint project of Kingdom Valley Islamabad involves the contribution of the Naya Pakistan housing scheme and Kingdom Group. The availability of reasonably priced plots and high-end facilities of life has bestowed the housing colony with high captivation in minimum time.

The tireless efforts of constructors have purely essence the project with incredible services and summit level of expertise at affordable price.

Kingdom valley Islamabad location map:

Contrasting with other residential projects near the Lahore Islamabad motorway toll plaza, the kingdom valley Islamabad location site has held some hidden charisma. The enticing feature regarding the location is the convenience in approaching the society from Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The nearest attainable places include:

  • The driving distance towards Islamabad International airport is approximately 25 minutes.
  • Chakri road lies at a bit of distance of 5 min.
  • The famous Adiala road with a well-developed commercial area lies at a drive of 25 min from kingdom valley Islamabad.
  • The M2 motorway terminal is also right close to the housing colony.
  • The residents can reach within 27 minutes at Rawat-Chakbelli road.

If we divert towards the landmarks and places, then kingdom valley Islamabad has won the hearts of residents in this domain. The people are looking forward to booking their plots in this valley due to the short covered distance from significant city areas. The housing society with an approachable distance from essential city places will make the whole community a hot favorite among the investors. The following sites and landmarks surround the kingdom valley in Islamabad:

  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad
  • Qurataba City
  • International Islamabad Airport
  • M-2 Lahore-Islamabad motorway

Kingdom Valley Islamabad developers and owners:

The owners and developers of a residential project play an important role in modifying the face of a real estate project. The constructors have striven to provide the productive project that will flicker the residential project among the list of remaining housing projects.

The developers of kingdom valley Islamabad has already collected praises in their whole construction career.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is developed and nourished by the Kingdom group, which will serve as the upcoming leader of residential projects. Kingdom group of companies has laid the foundations of multiple construction projects successfully and operational in Pakistan since 1949. They were previously named Al-Matrook Factory and served as the first company to bring interlock paving bricks in Bahrain. The international recognition of the company has elaborated the project of Kingdom valley Islamabad with high living standards. In 2004, the kingdom group of industries had served as the top service provider in the construction industry. The reliable and top-notch services have embarked the group to launch a sturdy project of Kingdom valley Islamabad.

The kingdom Group of companies is proficient in delivering the following services with top quality:

  • Construction services
  • Architectural and management services
  • Provision of contractors
  • Digital marketing and media advertisement
  • Sales and after-sales task

Besides the provision of these services, the highlighted features inhibited by the Kingdom group consist of the following features:

  • Command and prevalence in construction work
  • Understanding and responsibility in each task with the clients
  • Skilled and trustworthy is also their top feature.

Kingdom valley Islamabad NOC:

NOC or approval from developmental authorities is the core concern for investors that will keep the mind triggered. Masters real estate has intrigued about the complete confirmation of Kingdom valley Islamabad NOC. The issuance of NOC for this prestigious housing project approves under Naya Pakistan Housing scheme. The registration number allotted for the No objection of Kingdom Valley Islamabad is DRG/PHATA/2176-2021, which you can check online. As is evident that real estate project with approved NOC has better chances of development and progress in the future, so this puzzle of NOC approval has already been solved.

Layout details of Kingdom Valley Islamabad:

The developers of society have planned to instill basic and luxurious amenities in the community with an affordable budget. The participation of a highly qualified and professional team has allowed the project to surpass the residential queue.

The introduction of a world-class team of engineers with international working experience has contributed to this project. The refined architectural units and the availability of all necessary buildings have boosted the infrastructure.

The allocation of plots in the society, depending on their sizes, is feasible for all investors. The homemakers intending to construct their home in the organization will feel contented and fulfilled after building their homes in kingdom valley Islamabad.

Residential plots available in Kingdom Valley Islamabad have been launched under innovative and versatile criteria. It comprises the following residential properties:

  • 2 Kanal plot
  • 1 Kanal plot
  • 10 Marla plot
  • 8 Marla plot
  • 7 Marla plot
  • 5 Marla plot

Blocks/ sectors of Kingdom valley Islamabad:

The categorization of blocks in any housing project defined the main idea of the theme. The kingdom valley of Islamabad has designated the blocks according to their occupants. The unions have been supplied with various facilities and embellished with high-pitched lifestyles. The residential colony consists of the following blocks:

  • Commercial block
  • Residential Block
  • Overseas or Executive block
  • Farmhouse block
  • Kingdom villas

Residential block:

The developers have established the housing colony with high-end facilities and a luxurious lifestyle that mesmerizes the investors. The environment-friendly surrounding aligned with the clean territory is best for living and spending your future life. Investors looking forward to building their houses to serve the future generation must opt for kingdom valley Islamabad as it will be the best decision for your coming generations.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad payment plan:

If you genuinely want to explore a housing project having affordable and reasonably priced housing plots, then Kingdom valley Islamabad is the fittest choice for you. The cost-effective prices of this residential project have attracted a bulk number of investors. The folks belonging to an average income community or those having abundant amounts both get catering from the versatility of kingdom valley Islamabad. The sale of plots in this housing society is going at a peak due to affordability and other enticing facets.

The simplest way to get your plot booked is to contact or call masters real estate and negotiate your queries with our customer representative. We will extract the best choice deal that will suit your requirements. The owners and developers of kingdom valley Islamabad have organized a smooth installment plan for their investors. This installment plan will nullify the worries of a one-time payment, and you are independent to be the owner of your plot.

Kingdom valley Islamabad residential block payment plan:

A precise yet clear overview of the payment plan of the plot available for sale in the residential block is as follows:

  • The total price of a 1 Kanal plot is 2,500,000. The down payment costs the investor up to 275,000/-. The balloting amount is only 350,000/-. In the case of 40 months installment plan, the price is 26,000 paid every month. On the other hand, the eight bi-annual installment plan costs the owner an amount of 104,375/-.
  • The price of 10 Marla plots is 1,650,000 with a down payment of 1,60,000/-. The process of balloting initiates with a cost of 230,000/-. A minimum amount of 82,500 is payable in case of 8 bi-annual installment plans, and 15,000/- is expected in a 40-month program.
  • The total cost of 8 Marla plots is approximately 1,350,000/- and the down payment is 1,30,000. The split price plan will allow the investors to pay an amount of 67,500 twice in a year or 12,000 payable each month.
  • 5 Marla plot in Kingdom valley Islamabad demands an amount of 9,75,000/-.
  • The amount of balloting is 150,000/-.
  • The down payment of 117,000 is payable once at the time of booking.
  • The monthly amount of 9,000 is expected for an installment plan of 40 months. In the case of a bi-annual installment plan, an amount of 43,500 is paid twice a year.

The plots in Kingdom valley Islamabad are extremely reasonable that every person desiring to build their houses can fulfill it.

Payment plan of Kingdom valley in Kingdom valley Islamabad:

  • The price of 5 Marla plots is 3,000,000/- with a down payment of 250,000/-. The balloting starts with an amount of 300,000/-.
  • Tot cost of 3.5 Marla is 2,400,000 that will require a balloting amount of 250,000/-. The down payment of this size of the plot is 200,000/-.
  • The price finalized for a 7.5 Marla plot is 3,500,000/- under the down payment of 10%.

Payment plan of farmhouses and commercial plots in kingdom valley Islamabad:

  • The price of a commercial plot initiates from 2,200,000 and ends at 8,500,000/-. The minimum size of commercial property available in kingdom valley Islamabad is 2 Marla, and the maximum is 8 Marla.
  • 2 Marla plot: 2,200,000/-
  • 4 Marla plot: 4,500,000/-
  • 8 Marla plot: 8,500,000/-.
  • If we analyze the prices of farmhouses, then it is pretty reasonable compared to other costly real estate projects of Islamabad. Moreover, the developers have assured the quality of each penny paid-for plot.
  • Price of 2 Kanal farm house= 4,000,000/-.
  • The total cost of 4 Kanal plot= 7,500,000/-
  • Price of 8 Kanal plot=13,000,000/-.

The provision of installment has been confirmed for these two categories of blocks. Only a few projects available in Islamabad offer an installment plan for farmhouses and commercial plots. Kingdom valley Islamabad is one of them that provides a flexible and comfortable installment plan for their investors. The elastic nature of this installment plan will allow the citizen of Pakistan to own their desired commercial plots and lands for their farmhouses.

Payment plan of overseas executive block in kingdom valley Islamabad:

The rate list allocated for overseas partnerships will direct towards the dual national citizen. Pakistani nationals residing in other countries can get their plots booked in this block supplied with high-end facilities. The premium features instilled in kingdom valley Islamabad’s overseas executive block have satisfied various elite investors.

  • The price of 8 Marla plots is approximately 1,500,000/-. The down payment and balloting amount are payable at the rate of 10%.
  • The total cost of 12 Marla plots in the overseas executive block is 2,100,000/-.
  • The rate of 16 Marla plot is 2,800,000/-.

Detailed information regarding the installment plan and other requisites before booking and balloting of the plot will be conveyed to you by Masters real estate as we have served as the trustworthy and reliable partner of kingdom valley Islamabad.

Salient features of Kingdom Valley Islamabad:

Some prominent features of kingdom valley Islamabad differentiate it from other housing localities. Some of them have mentioned below:

  • 24/7 high alert security
  • Education complex
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • Water resources
  • Wide boundary wall
  • Clubhouse
  • Grand mosque
  • Eye- captivating entrance
  • Affordability of payment plan
  • Water-gas and electricity resources
  • Educational complex, schools, college, and universities
  • Retail area
  • Commercial hub and supermarkets
  • Underground supply of electricity.
  • Health and medical facilities with hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics.
  • Waste management and well-established sewerage system.
  • Quality assurance and CCTV camera installation.

Final talk:

The design of kingdom valley Islamabad is multi-dimensional on its own and has targeted to serve the residents with a unique and high-end lifestyle at affordable rates. The NOC matter and other registration formalities of the project are already apparent. Hence, it is the best option for investment in Islamabad at reasonable prices. The location, developers, and facilities are all top-notch. Therefore, Smart Projects Islamabad experts in the real estate sector also recommend their investors about this iconic society. Although there are other housing societies in Islamabad like Park view City, Rudn enclave Rawalpindi, and many others, none can compete with kingdom valley Islamabad.