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Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City the Name of Excellence

Lahore Smart City is going to be the best choice for commercial, investment and residential point of view. The scheme

will have everything to attract national and international investors. In return, investors will get high revenue. On the other hand, the housing society is equipped with state of the art facilities. The facilities are just dream of come true for the people of Lahore. Peace, safety and eco-friendly behaviors

Future Development Holding hires and corporate’s with world-class developers, architectures and planners. 

This Smart City Lahore will have golf clubs and fields designed by experienced and world-recognized designers.


Why Lahore Smart City:

Following are few of the reasons to select Lahore Smart City:

Eighteen lane boulevards take security and pace to the next level. All the area is well landscaped and well illuminated for best experience regardless Of time. Lahore is one of the famous and beautiful cities of Pakistan. Indeed it is the heart of Pakistan with several attractions, including high-end lifestyle and living experiences. Everyone wishes to live in Lahore. To enhance the living Experience in Lahore, It has launched its popular housing

Scheme in Lahore too. It will provide a unique living

Experience to Lahore’s. It is a beautiful combination of commercial and housing facilities. Future Development Holding planned a different but affordable and highly equipped housing society In Lahore. It is one of the first to introduce eco-friendly sustainability model in Lahore.

Smart City Lahore Location:

The intention of a Smart City Lahore is to give people a luxurious and peaceful living experience. So the developers keep this fact mind while selecting the location of Lahore Smart City. The smart capital city is located near GT road. A road was connecting Lahore and Sialkot. The site is accessible through Lahore- Sialkot motorway. The location is also accessible through ring road. In other words, the people living in Lahore Smart City are connected with Lahore city through ring road. This is a strategic and accessible location which is selected keeping several points in mind—maintaining safety and accessibility in mind—considering connectivity in mind.

The location is ideal for all perceptive. One can live at this place without worrying about the hustle and bustle of city life.  Developers and planners make sure that one is living in a quiet, peaceful manner. It is rightly between motorway, GT road and connecting with Ring road. Such connectivity makes it ideal for keeping in touch with the rest of the city in no time.

If you are going for investment purpose, then Smart City Lahore is the best option. It had a wide scope of growth in the near future with affordable prices right now. Its popularity in Islamabad guarantees that it will get some fame and demand in Lahore too even higher.

If one wants to start its business or open some business there, then they can get the building at a reasonable price. They can have a peaceful environment initially and will have tremendous growth opportunity in the long run.

Lahore Smart City (Updated) Payment Plan


No plan is attractive if it has sky-touching prices regardless of the facilities it is providing. The case here in case of Lahore Smart City is totally opposite. They have state of the art facilities. The facilities are the same as are in the smart city of New York. Amazingly prices are not high enough to just imagine. It has attractive pricing plan for residential and investment point of view both.

Plots are available in three different and distinguishing sizes of 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal.  The rates here are amazingly attractive.

 A house of 5 Marla is available at 1800000. One can go for installments too. In this case, down payment will serve as first installment. One has to pay 180000 as a down payment. Whereas, 102800 as a installments.

A plot size of 10 Marla is for 3300000 in executive block. Its down payment is 330000, with installment of Rps 188500. Total installments are 16 quarterly payments.

Moreover there are plots of 1 Kanal. They are affordable too. Booking starts from 540000 with 16 installments of Rps 308500 each. Total worth of these plots is 5,400,000.

There are two kinds of residential plotting. One is executive block and other is Overseas Block. Houses in Overseas block is bit higher yet affordable and in demand too.


The Lahore Smart City is equipped with state of the art facilities. In other words, it has everything one can imagine or want in his house. It has shopping malls. Moreover, it has china village which mixture of the residential area along with commercial space. It has world-class hospitality and food chains. It has crystal lake to catch eyes and indeed recreational point in the near future.

 Hill vista is one of residential option. The houses or plots here are enormous. It has golf courses to keep you occupied. Moreover, it has community clubs. Golf farmhouses are another luxurious option in Hill vista.

Financial square as the name shows that is the hub of commercial area. It has banks, corporate offices, hotels, apartments and gate offices.

Aviation village is totally a commercial area with warehouses, exhibition halls, hotels, cold storages and technical, operational offices.

No place is an idea or comfortable if it has small and spoiled roads. It has wide boulevards with lanes of about 150 to 350 ft wide. The streets have beautiful corners and green belt along with street lights.

All the necessary facilities and utilities will be available uninterrupted. It has underground electric supply, Waters.

Besides the above mention features, it has some other prominent features. Few of them are discussed below.

It has dancing, fountains and Music.

Open-air theater is another attraction for residents and investment point of view.

Community clubs and golf clubs are a feasible choice for residents and their visitors.

Eco-Friendly Facilities:

Environment-friendly infrastructure and facilities are significant concerns of every country around the world. Government of Pakistan is trying every possible mean to ensure environment-friendly moves. Same are the motives of the developers of Capital Smart City. So they take on such facilities is as following

  • Encouraged Use of Electric Vehicles. This is done by providing electrical cycles and bikes to be used inside the society. 
  • Beautiful landscape and green belts are done to keep the surroundings clean and green as well as beautiful.
  • Well, organized waste management and disposal system are introduced. This is done to prevent an unhealthy environment. 
  • Underground electric wiring is done to ensure the safety of people living there. It is also done to prevent 
  • Dedicated bus lanes and bus station to facilitate people travelling within the city.

Smart Facilities:

As the name shows that the scheme has some smart facilities. A brief intro of those smart facilities is as follows.

Uninterrupted provision of light provides peace of mind and accomplishment of task on time. So one will enjoy a continuous supply of fire and gas in Lahore Smart City.

Controlling traffic will be done through the automatic traffic control system. This will be the foolproof system that will ensure security and safety.

In order to ensure the safety of residents, there is CCTV camera everywhere. The CCTV cameras are different from usual as they provide high definition recognization of facial and objects.

The automatic street light system will safe extra and unnecessary use of light and power resources.

There are many other facilities that are hard to find in any society of Pakistan. One can find free WiFi zones everywhere. Automatic conditioning system will be there in every building, either it is residential or commercial.

The developers make sure that there shouldn’t be anything to harm the environment or risk to peace and

Team of Excellence

Capital Smart City is definitely equipped with world-class facilities. It has to be so as it is not done by one person. Instead it is the masterpiece of a number of world-renowned teams. We can truly call this work done by a group of excellence.

Developers of Capital city are Future development hoardings. They are one of the leading real estate developers of Pakistan. They include the best engineers who are experienced in working on urban planning and development while maintaining national and international standards.

Surbana Jurong is the leading infrastructure and master planner of Asia. They have experience of 70 years in designing industrial, commercial and residential infrastructure. They have varied experience of working in about 30 countries. They have knowledge of creating CSCI too.

Beautiful landscaping is done by world-class company Cracknell. They take pride in designing La Mer Dubai; Aphrodite Hills is also on their credit. One can see their masterpieces in all of the Arab countries, specifically in Dubai and Qatar.

No luxurious residency is complete without gold course. Designing a world-class golf course and clubs is not an easy task. For these purposes, they took the help of Troon. Troops are recognized as creating world-class golf courses.

DSA Architects are known for their architecture. They have designed commercial and hospitality buildings on a large scale. They have experienced designing safari lodges. Restoration and refurbishment projects are their popularity. So to get experience from such a large company, the smart company acquired their services.

Designmen are consultant engineers. They let their hand in the development of capital smart city Islamabad as well as of Lahore. They gave their services for conceptual planning, pre-construction as well as for post constructional phases.

The health of people living there.

How to acquire a Property in Lahore Smart City

With such diversified facilities and state of the art infrastructure, it is a common perception that it must be difficult to get property there or it may include a lengthy procedure. However, things are totally opposite in the case of Capital Smart City. Its booking process is quite usual. One needs registration form, CNIC, Photographs, Payment draft and signatures and thumb impression on the way. 

Interestingly one can merge plots, and that is easy. One needs an application to join, original allotment letter, CNIC and stamp paper required for blending. 

Payment Modes

Pay order or cheques in the name of FDHP. 

One can directly pay to them through inter-bank transfer. Details of account number and other information are found at their website. 

One can pay through debit or credit card. Master card and Visa card both are accepted here. People living abroad can choose any one of above mention process if possible moreover they can pay through wire transfer. All relevant required information is available on the website.

Facilities For Overseas

Lahore Smart City Pakistan is the best choice for overseas Pakistanis. One can own plots and commercial property if they want to settle in Pakistan permanently. Here they will find everything they were experiencing in abroad. It is not just the facilities, but it is due to hiring international firms in designing each and every aspect and feature. The master plan, Facilities and architecture of overseas block is designed differently, keeping in mind their requirements.

On the other hand, this is the best option too if one wants to buy this for investment purposes or to save for the future. Prices are definitely going to rise, keeping the popularity of Capital Smart City Islamabad in mind.  

Smart City Lahore