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New Metro City Gujar Khan

New Metro City Gujar Khan is the latest housing scheme developing near developing Gujar Khan. After getting huge success in New Metro City Kharian, BSM Developer is going to build a new project named “New Metro City Gujar khan”. It’s a massive project that will open in the city’s most desired location soon.  But before this there are some important points like With property prices on the rise again, many people are waiting to see if they can get a good deal when buying a house. To ensure you make the right choice, it’s important that you know as much as possible about the schemes available. The Masters Real Estate provides an overview of what different types of houses cost and what type of locations offer them, so you can make your decision based on these criteria.


You should investigate how much each housing scheme will cost in total. There are several ways to obtain this information, but the most accurate is to ask the owner of the scheme to provide you with a financial statement. It will explain exactly how much has been spent on each development as well as provide information on any loans that have been taken out to fund it. You should also remember that you will have to pay periodical maintenance costs, so don’t forget! Smart Projects is here to share the whole information with you.


You need to think about where your house is located. Most people want their homes to be close to local shops and amenities so that they can easily access these places every day. Although this option is popular for many, it may not be suitable if you live in a large city. If you live in an area where there is already a lot of traffic and congestion, this may mean that your house must sit further away from the shops. It is also important to consider the type of scheme you are interested in before buying one. For example, some housing schemes offer extra amenities at no extra cost, such as private swimming pools or gyms. Other schemes will come with more expensive options such as landscaping and air conditioning units installed within the property.


You need to think about what type of house you want to buy. There are several different options, including bungalows, apartments, and houses. Depending on your circumstances and preferences, one option may suit you better than another. For example, a bungalow would be suitable for someone who doesn’t have too much mobility trouble as they are easier to maintain and have fewer stairs. Whereas an apartment would suit someone who wants easy access to shops and restaurants or is planning on travelling later in life when they can’t maintain their own house anymore. Houses will also be more expensive than the other options but come with additional benefits depending on the scheme which you choose.

Gujar Khan New Metro City

New Metro City Gujar Khan is a brand-new, cutting-edge development. It is a mega-development that will open shortly at a good position in the city. It is a prestigious housing society with elegant features and several one-of-a-kind amenities. This project is beginning near Islamabad, one of Pakistan’s major cities. This venture’s lifestyle is up to date and completely meets the needs of modern purchasers and investors. Furthermore, plot launch prices are reasonable and will almost certainly include flexible payment plans.

Following the enormous success of New Metro City Kharian, BSM Developer plans to create a new project called “New Metro City Gujar Khan.” The property offers all modern amenities and services at reasonable prices. The developers have set aside a big area for the creation of amenities such as parks. To provide a high degree of safety, the community will be enclosed by a boundary wall equipped with a failsafe system.

Developers And Owners of New Metro City Gujar Khan

New Metro City Gujar Khan is the most recent housing development near Gujar Khan. This fantastic advancement has been disclosed by none other than BSM Developers. Malik Riaz Sb’s grandson is the owner of the trademark New Metro City. Working in the footsteps of his father, they are proudly presenting one successful business after another in Pakistan. This housing plan, which is being built by BSM Developers, is owned by Bilal Bashir Malik. BSM Developers began their housing society development adventure with Gwadar Golf City.

The developers are already in the field, with successful real estate projects, and are renowned for their work quality and exquisite residential buildings such as the New Metro City Kharaian. The developers’ team is well-known for its dedication and ability to provide high-quality deliverables. And it is for this reason that investors have already placed their faith in this home development. Finally, investment here will enable future people to have a high-quality lifestyle.

It would be incorrect to claim that this community would be built on the DHA and Bahria Town models. However, the issue of affordability will remain at the forefront. People searching for opulent living close to Islamabad will be interested in investing in this location. This establishment is notable due to its good location and low cost. Furthermore, the location of this forthcoming New Metro City Gujar Khan makes it ideal for real estate investment. It is now inexpensive, but rates will more than quadruple in the next years. This project’s overall planning considers every aspect of a high-end living facility.

Furthermore, they intend to provide the finest possible lifestyle to all investors and future inhabitants of Gujar Khan. The best part is that they have created world-class features that will give investors the highest living standards. The pricing of the houses is cheap, allowing all people from various economic backgrounds to invest. Of course, this will be a cutting-edge venture with first-rate amenities. This new property will offer a clean and healthy living environment, large roadways, and contemporary facilities. Finally, the Masters Real Estate has shared the following pertinent elements of this residential endeavour.

Status Of NOC

The housing project has finished with all the facilities that will provide investors with the greatest living possible. The NOC (No Objection Certificate) is an important aspect that all investors search for before making any real estate acquisition. The developers will shortly gain legal status from the appropriate authorities.

Tehsil Municipal Authority would shortly accept the NOC for New Metro City Gujar Khan (TMA). The developers have already requested approval of the necessary papers to get the status of a legal residential scheme. Property values will rise after the developers gain legal approval for their scheme.

Map & Location of Gujar Khan New Metro City

The location of any culture is the most important factor. That is why this building has been expertly planned in the city’s most appealing and excellent position. It is ideally placed on the Main GT Road near Islamabad. The primary entry to the New Metro City Gujar Khan is directly off GT road, and there are other entrances from various roads.

New Metro City Gujar Khan has the ideal position and is well connected to the twin cities’ major highways. location is one of the most important aspects of this society, making it the most accessible housing society in Gujar Khan. The location is adjacent to the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Railway Line, the Gujar Khan Mall, the Tehsil Head Quarters, and the Punjab College of Commerce. All of Gujar Khan’s important destinations were fast and easily accessible.

This society’s location is suitable for both living and investing. Most significantly, all amenities and commercial establishments are close by due to outstanding connection and accessibility.

Before making any long-term investment, all investors check at the site first. The developers have picked an ideal location that will provide potential inhabitants with the highest living conditions. As the site is accessible from major locations, investors consider this to be the ideal real estate investment opportunity.

Gujar Khan New Metro City Master Strategy

This society’s master plan is being developed. Because it is a new initiative, the work is in progress. The complete acreage, which will be subdivided into multiple blocks, will be revealed soon. All its blocks will offer the greatest residential and commercial buildings. Most significantly, these houses will provide contemporary facilities. People will find them to be perfect for both dwelling and investment. The master plan for this society will be up to date because the developers have properly developed New Metro City Kharian and Gwadar Golf City. The return on investment will be substantial and enjoyable.

A team of professionals, including architects and civil engineers, devised the project plan for the New Metro City Gujar Khan. Infrastructure development is receiving a lot of attention to make it stand out in other Gujar khan housing societies.

The housing society, like the Blue World City in Islamabad, provides the greatest living facilities to all future inhabitants. Various residential plots with world-class facilities will be accessible here. All high-end and critical goods that all persons require before making any long-term investment will be provided. The housing project is still in its early phases. The creators will shortly release a detailed pricing plan. The housing plan is new, and the pricing would be inexpensive, like in Prime Valley Islamabad. So, it is the perfect moment to invest in this market. The best part is that the developers have opted to create an instalment plan that will encourage and incentivize investors to make an excellent real estate investment here.

Residential Plots for Sale In Gujar Khan’s New Metro City

Because this community is still in its early phases, you will only discover the greatest residential plots for sale. However, as development work begins, you will have additional possibilities. Most of the land available here is for residential use. Before making any real estate investment, developers considered the quality element. Several sizes are accessible to meet the needs of the individuals. And the most appealing quality that motivates investors to invest here is the simple instalments and inexpensive costs. The following are the plot sizes:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan

Commercial plots are also necessary to help investors expand financially. The developers are eager to provide the ideal lifestyle to all investors. Future inhabitants will begin their company ventures to profit financially. A society is finest when it can completely suit the residential and commercial demands of investors. It sells superbly prepared ads at low prices. They are available for purchase with flexible payment plans. These adverts have the following dimensions for sale in various sizes and are available at reasonable prices:

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Briefly, here are some preliminary pricing plans:

Plot Size


5 Marla


10 Marla


1 Kanal


We will advise you and offer you the greatest investment opportunities based on your budget. So please do not hesitate to contact us.

Status Of Development

The housing concept will shortly begin construction. Developers believe in providing the greatest and most high-quality projects to all investors. The investors discovered the finest investment place and characteristic. The investment rate in the region is rising. The developers are now pursuing legal status. And soon after receiving their NOC, building work will be started here. It is a contemporary project that provides you with a premium lifestyle by giving you all the best living facilities. The forthcoming New Metro City is being designed innovatively, with pleasant and safe living quarters. It’s a location where you may indulge in luxury and enjoy the finest comforts in life. The following facilities are accessible to you:

Access To All Fundamentals

All inhabitants are provided with the greatest services by the developers. The finest services would be the provision of all fundamental and necessary to investors at extremely low costs. Electricity, water, and gas are necessities that will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that all future inhabitants have a comfortable way of life.

Eco-Friendly Environment

The developers are committed to providing everyone with high-quality living options.

Medical And Educational Facilities

The developers provide investors and prospective residents with cutting-edge living options. Additionally, education facilities would be accessible in this housing building to assist residents with their studies. Most importantly, the schools and universities will adhere to worldwide educational standards. These educational institutes will be open to the public, allowing individuals to pursue their academic ambitions. The developers intend to offer a provision for a medical centre with world-class amenities to assist future inhabitants in medical crises.

The Great Mosque

The proposed metropolis contains a large mosque to enable future residents to fulfill their religious obligations. The infrastructure of this Mosque will be of world-class quality, attracting the bulk of the residents. The mosque would be so large that people could pray without feeling rushed.

Business Centre

The business area will be included in the housing society. The developers have offered numerous sizes of commercial plots that will be equipped with the greatest services. The housing society will have the most competitive pricing. As a result, investing here will be the most profitable investment you’ve ever made.

Gated Community Security

The developers are constructing a gated community for all investors. A CCTV camera will be installed to record any important events in the neighbourhood and security will protect society to prevent any annoyance from occurring. Hence, investment here is required to provide stable living conditions.

Other facilities include:

  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Parking Areas
  • Commercial Areas
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Graveyard
  • Community Centers
  • Wide Roads
  • Children’s Parks and Playgrounds
  • Advanced Sewerage and Drainage System
  • 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week Security
  • Supply of electricity and gas
  • Schools and hospitals are nearby, as are a large road network and green belts.
  • Eye-catching Entrance Gate
  • Business & Commercial Hub
  • Sports Complex
  • Underground electrification

Why Invest in Gujar Khan’s New Metro City?

The entire Gujar Khan housing complex will be world-class. In addition, the proprietors have provided exquisite living experiences and facilities. Furthermore, these features and services would assist future investors in achieving high-quality living standards ranging from convenience to pleasure. There are several plots available here to meet the needs of future residents.

It is a housing scheme for the investors. The scheme will have basic as well as premium villas. All the villas will have different ranges of prices and quality. The location of Gujar Khan is a very peaceful and green place so everyone can enjoy their life here in a quiet environment. Moreover, it is a few kilometres from Rawalpindi which makes it more convenient to reach here. There are several educational institutions, health facilities, and commercial centres near this area. The developer team is continuously working on New Metro City Gujar Khan so that they can offer the best to all their investors. So, it is a good investment opportunity where people can invest with confidence.  

New Metro City Gujar Khan is the latest housing scheme developing in Gujar Khan. The developers are already active in the area, with successful real estate projects such as New Metro City Kharaian. Furthermore, they are aiming to offer an excellent lifestyle to all the investors and Gujar Khan’s residents. To know more about the future prices and facilities stay in touch with us. For further inquiries please feel free to contact us at [number].

Pricing For New Metro City Gujar Khan Plots

The payment plan is quite reasonable for investors. New Metro City Gujar Khan Housing Scheme plots for sale are reasonably priced.

New Metro City Gujar Khan is a recently established housing community. This is the primary reason that property prices in this project are projected to be so inexpensive when it launches in a few weeks. All plots are available at pre-launch prices. Prices will increase once development work begins. As a result, this is an excellent chance for investors to invest for both long-term and short-term gains.

This new community makes it possible to acquire plots at the most affordable prices. It has been assured that the prices would be reasonable. You may reserve these plots with a nominal down payment, with the remainder due under the simple payment plan. These plots are great in terms of pricing, availability, and ease of payment.

The Masters Real Estate offers free consulting on both residential and business sites. If you want to invest in real estate, you may contact Masters Real Estate directly.


New Metro City Gujar Khan’s developers are providing many benefits to prospective inhabitants. Let us discuss it pros and cons.


  • World-Class Infrastructure
  • Commercial Sector Disadvantages
  • Effective Security


  • A lengthy building periods
  • Large plots of perception


The Gujar Khan residential development is taking shape. BSM Developers is constructing this amazing real estate property. One of the developers’ key concerns is to deliver the finest living experience to all investors and future inhabitants. The location is also an intriguing factor that draws the bulk of investors. Further, the property pricing will be accessible soon for the convenience of investors. The amenities and features will provide all investors with a pleasant lifestyle. Stay tuned to get the most recent and relevant updates regarding the master plan and payment plan from Smart Projects. You can also invest in Faisal Town Phase 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQ’s about New Metro City Gujar Khan are mentioned below;

What exactly is New Metro City Gujar Khan?

New Metro City is an anticipated housing project in Gujar Khan that intends to revolutionize the city’s real estate business.

Where exactly is it?

This housing complex can be found on Main GT Road in Gujar Khan.

Has it been approved?

Although not yet approved, the developers of this housing project are in discussions with key agencies to get a NOC.

Is it reasonably priced?

The developers of this home complex have offered highly reasonable and affordable pricing that is accessible to everyone.

Who is constructing this housing scheme?

The CEO of this housing project is Bilal Bashir Malik, the owner of BSM developers. BSM Developers, which has extensive expertise in the real estate market, is behind the project. By assembling a team of skilled specialists, the developer hopes to create a world-class infrastructure. The enterprise is well-known for creating world-class property developments in several cities around Pakistan, providing a one-of-a-kind experience.

Where can I buy files or reserve a plot in New Metro City?

The Masters Real Estate can assist you in reserving a plot in this home development.

Is the location approachable?

The location is adjacent to the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Railway Line, the Gujar Khan Mall, the Tehsil Head Quarters, and the Punjab College of Commerce.

What is the status of its NOC?

The developers will shortly be granted legal status by the relevant authorities.

Are there any commercial plots available?

Yes, there are some commercial plots here to assist locals to thrive economically.

Does the payment plan accessible at this location?

The entire payment schedule will be published shortly.

Is it worthwhile to invest here?

The developers are eager to provide the greatest lifestyle and facilities at reasonable pricing. So, if you have decided to live here is not a bad idea but it will be quite lucrative.