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Nova City Peshawar

Nova City Peshawar is a soon-to-be-approved housing society newly launched. Nova City Peshawar is an exclusive gated community. Peshawar has accounted as the capital of the colourful province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is the sixth-largest city of Pakistan. The town has an ancient history and has incorporated beautiful and historical buildings, including the Clock tower, Mohabbat Khan Mosque, and most iconic khyber gate implanted on the golden land of Peshawar. Incoherence with this glorious history, the real estate sector of Peshawar had also flourished at an exponential pace in the past few decades. As a result, all the newly launched residential projects recently released on the irrigated land of Peshawar had high-end future perspectives.

Peshawar allocates at an enticing geographical position as it surrounds by mountain ranges on three sides, and the fourth side opens towards Punjab plains.

It is a cultural-centric city, and thousands of immigrants direct towards Peshawar each year. To cope with this demand of housing societies, many construction companies have inaugurated their projects on this iconic land. One of the prestigious and soon-to-be-approved residential projects in the vicinity of Peshawar is Nova City Peshawar.

Nova City Peshawar is a magnificent project that will fulfil all the investors’ dreams looking forward to building their houses and want to provide their families with high-end facilities. However, this residential project has objected to being the renowned housing colony of Peshawar.

The developers of Nova City Peshawar are tycoons of the construction industry, as they have already established Nova city Islamabad. Therefore, Nova city Peshawar will be the masterpieces of the residential project of Peshawar.

Nova city Peshawar Owners and developers:

The foundations of Nova city Peshawar will be laid down by Nova Group, which is an internationally recognized construction company. They have contributed to the construction industry of Pakistan with their quality work and have delivered premium residential colonies.

Nova Group will head the Nova city Peshawar, a brightening signal for the investors, as this organization had already given a fascinating project. The developers have striven to provide and meet all the demands of the modern world requirements of the investors. The developers have already adopted and partnered with popular international companies to uplift the prestigious project of Nova city Peshawar.


The NOC approval of Nova city Peshawar is under process and soon be approved by the Peshawar Developmental authority (PDA). As the developers of Nova city, Peshawar has already marked their ranks in the construction industry, so it’s not a complicated deal for them to get the NOC for this project. Therefore, the developers are getting the NOC as soon as possible. Undoubtedly, the matter of NOC is a crucial aspect for investors to consider; thus, the owners are striving hard for this feature.

Location of NOVA CITY Peshawar:

Another attention-seeking aspect of any residential project is its location. Nova city Peshawar has already won the hearts of investors in the criteria of place because it situates in a supreme area of Peshawar. Nova city Peshawar location is mesmerizing as it covers the area near the M-1 motorway and Charsadda Peshawar city. The primary reason behind the popularity of Nova city Peshawar is its reachable position on the map. The accessible areas  from Nova City Peshawar are as follows:

  • Nowshera city situates 36 minutes from Nova city Peshawar.
  • Mardan City has allocated a driving distance of 23 minutes.
  • Simply Dam road lies only 19 minutes from Nova City Peshawar.
  • Charsada city is also near Nova City Islamabad and allocates at 12 minutes.
  • M-1 motorway terminal allocates near Nova City Peshawar.
  • Bacha khan international Airport has situated at a distance of 51 minutes.
  • Peshawar ring road situates at a distance of 23 minutes.
  • The residents can approach the N5/ GT Road after driving at a distance of 19 minutes.
  • Peshawar Northern Bypass lies at a distance of 19 minutes.

After familiarising yourself with all the easily approachable landmarks from Nova city Peshawar, you can predict that this housing society is a perfect fit for your residency and your descendants.

The master plan of Nova City Peshawar:

Highly trained and internationally recognized teams of architectures, engineers, and real estate experts have designed the master plan of Nova City Peshawar. This project will be a Marvel of Peshawar city with facilities of high-end infrastructure and constructional directions. The developers and owners have strived hard to ensure that all national and international living standards fulfil this Nova City Peshawar platform. To maintain the balance between appropriate payment plans and the elite class amenities, the developers have focused on the skeleton of the master plan.

The owning company of Nova city Peshawar, Nova Group, is working tirelessly to make the residential project approved and legal by the respective development authorities. It will consequently provide the investor with a safe opportunity for investment. Nova city Peshawar is completing its pre-launch phase. Therefore, some of the information lies in its preliminary stages. However, Masters real estate has employed some of its sources to extract its plot sizes and other considerable facts. The important points regarding the master plan of Nova city Peshawar have mentioned below:

  • The developers have planned to furnish the housing society with the following residential plot sizes:
  • 1 Kanal plot
  • 10 Marla plot
  • 7 Marla plot
  • 5 Marla plot
  • 5 Marla plot

In addition to these residential plots, the owners have also introduced commercial properties to provide the investors with business flourishing opportunities. These are the sizes of commercial properties available in this mega project of Peshawar:

  • 2 Marla plot
  • 4 Marla plot
  • 8 Marla plot
  • 1 Kanal plot

Furthermore, the developers have critically analyzed the facilities that will cater to the residents of Nova city Peshawar. Therefore, the facilities available in this residential project discuss in the next section.

Nova City Peshawar- Facilities and Amenities:

Nova City Peshawar is one of the innovative and versatile residential projects that will open a gate of advanced world facilities in the traditional city of Peshawar. The complementary aspect regarding the world-class facilities of Nova city Peshawar is the affordable budget and convenient budget plan. Nova City Peshawar has enlisted among Peshawar’s posh and lavish housing societies and will provide the residents with all the basic and advanced level resources. In addition, the developers have specified a massive area to establish green spaces and parks. Nova City Peshawar has adorned with the most luxurious and modern-day facilities.

The amenities served at the prestigious forum of NOVA CITY Peshawar are as follows:

  • Secured and gated community:

The developers of Nova City Peshawar have put the aspect of security on priority as it will satisfy the residents in each element. It will be a gated community and will furnish the residents with a sense of a highly safe and protective environment. An alert team of security guards, along with the installation of CCTV cameras, will assure secure vicinity. In addition, the developers have planned to surround the housing society with a stalwart boundary wall along with cross wires.

  • Essential Utilities and water resources:

The developers have considered the essential utilities of life and highlighted the availability of fresh drinking water. As a result, the owners have decided to fulfil the water demand of residents; water reservoirs will construct that will ensure the 24/7 supply of potable freshwater.

Water filtration and filling plants will also establish at various places in society. Furthermore, the constructors will provide the residents with 24/7 electricity, gas, and sanitation facilities. These are basic facilities of an urban unit, and Nova City Peshawar will meet all the requirements of the investors.

  • Medical and Health facilities:

A housing colony provided with health facilities is no less than a blessing for the residents to cope with emergent health conditions. Nova city Peshawar has pre-planned to include fully maintained hospitals and health care clinics at various blocks of the society. The developers intend to establish hospitals with international standards health facilities and highly qualified staff and medical equipment. The medical facilities assured the availability of doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff along with ambulance service.

  • Educational requirements:

The Nova City Peshawar will pay particular attention to the educational facilities in the housing colony. The developers have planned to introduce sub-campuses of premium quality educational institutes, including schools, colleges, and Universities. It will relieve the residents from the worry of heading to a faraway place from society. In addition, the owners of Nova City Peshawar have confirmed the launch of Primary and secondary school branches inside the residential colony.

  • Commercial and business units:

It indicates the vigilance of developers if they take care of the residents’ economic, financial, and commercial needs. The master planner of Nova City Peshawar has come forward to accomplish the commercial demands of the residents. A considerable area specifies an uplifting retail space where shopping centres, supermarkets, departmental stores, and other brands will launch their outlets.

An extensive network of roads:

The developers have incorporated the master plan with an extensive network leading towards each colony sector. A widespread main boulevard connecting the Nova city Peshawar will define the entrance of this residential colony. A high degree of professionalism and premium quality infrastructure has developed to make society spacious enough and allow residents to travel.

Peculiar features of Nova City Peshawar:

Some other peculiar features will enlighten the Nova City Peshawar among other housing projects of Peshawar. The versatility of Nova City Peshawar lies in the following features:

  • Affordable payment plan
  • Establishment of Grand Jamia Mosque
  • Availability of water resources
  • Glamourous and attractive entrance embellished with the main boulevard
  • 24/7 availability of essential life utilities, including electricity, gas, and water. An added feature of underground electricity.
  • Health facilities plus the establishment of clinics, dispensaries, and hospitals
  • Sports complex with the outdoor and indoor facilities
  • Waste and sewerage facilities

Nova city Peshawar-payment plan:

Masters real estate is the leading real estate agency that will reveal the affordable payment plan of Nova city Peshawar. An overview of the payment plan of residential plots available in this iconic housing society will urge the investors to select Nova city Peshawar. Here it is:

  • An estimated price of 5 marla plots in Nova city Peshawar is 3,000,000/-.
  • Rate predicted for the 7 Marla plot lies between 3,500,000/- and 4,500,000/-.
  • An approximate price of 10 Marla residential plots will fall between 4,500,000/- to 5,000,000/-.
  • An approximate cost of 1 Kanal plot estimates 5,000,000/- to 7,000,000/-.

Although these are estimated amounts for the corresponding residential plots, it will give you an idea about the payment of the stories. Master real estate will provide you with an exact payment plan once the official group releases it. As master real estate is a registered and authorized real estate partner of Nova city Peshawar, we will manage your plot purchase and sale and serve you with genuine information on the frontline.

Pros and cons

Nova City Peshawar will soon launch in the enthralling environment of Peshawar with its perfect combination of more advantages and fewer disadvantages. Some of the prominent pros and cons have mentioned below:


  • Renowned and premium quality Developers are constructing the Nova city Peshawar
  • 24/7 availability of electricity, water, and gas
  • A serene, peaceful, and secure society
  • Nova city Peshawar is close to central locations and other lavish housing societies.
  • Security system
  • The corresponding developmental authority will approve the residential project.
  • Solid waste disposal system
  • Clean, Green, and finely sustainable housing society
  • A vast network of wide carpeted roads starts from the community’s entrance.


All the land properties in Pakistan are selling at a high cost. Therefore, Nova City Peshawar may perceive high plot prices. However, this disadvantage compensates with enormous facilities and the beautiful city of Peshawar.


Masters real estate has been serving the construction sector for years; therefore, earning experience, we highly recommend Nova city Peshawar. It will prove as the best investment project of Peshawar shortly and will unlock high returns on investments. Therefore, it is the next conquering project of the real estate sector of Peshawar.